Top 10 Cell Phone Issues

Here are the most common cell phone issues and how to fix it:

• Poor battery: One of the most common issue is poor battery life and issues charging. What you can do is enable battery saving mode, dim the brightness and check if there are any apps that are draining a lot of your battery.

• Storage space is another issue most of us will face. Our phones are filled with photos and apps that take up a lot of storage. To resolve this issue you can delete cache, uninstall unnecessary apps and move pictures and clips to the cloud or another kind of storage to free up space while keeping your images.

• Slow Phone. This is very common as the phone gets older, and the cause for this is stored files and apps that take up a a lot of energy. So to resolve this issue or at least make it better is to delete unnecessary files and apps. If this does not help restoring the phone to factory data can be helpful.

• Broken screen increases the likelihood of further damaging the phone and you can possibly cut your fingers. The only way to fix this is to send your phone to a repair shop or if you have insurance.

• Connecting issues: If you have issues connecting to wifi, bluetooth or network. The best way to resolve this is to turn on airplane mode for a little while and the turn it off and see if it works. You can also try to turn your phone off and then on again.

• Overheating: excessive usage of phones can lead to overheating problems. Usually there are some demanding apps that causes the phone to overheat. The best way to deal with this is to give your phone a break and not use it for an extended time and leave the phone alone while its charging.

• Frozen screen: This can happen if your phone is old or have a full storage space. What usually helps is to turn your phone off and then on.

• Water damage: phones ending up in water can easily happen to anyone. What you should do is quickly turn off your phone, dry it and remove sim card. If needed use a dryer to get water out of the cracks.

• Screen brightness: On iOS devices some can experience the screen to be dark although the brightness is on the highest level. To solve this problem you go to general settings-accessibility and there you should be able to adjust brightness.

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