Top 5 Phone Tracker Apps On App Store

mSpy – Is an app for tracking your child’s phone activity messages, calls, social media activity and location. It has many more features, and this app works both for android and apple.

iSharing – This app doesn’t only track a lost phone device but also keeps track of family members location and chat with them. There’s also a feature where you can see the history of your group members location. It also has a safety feature like a panic button to alert your friends.

Glympse – This is another good tracking app for sharing real time location by using GPS tracking. There’s also the option to coordinate with friends for social gathering. One feature that sets it apart from other apps is that once the location is shared the other person can view the map even without the installation of Glympse app.

TrackView – This app allows the user to track a phones location for free. Like a few other apps it can send sos alarm to certain contacts if you want to. The app also has video and audio monitoring as well as motion and sound detection.

FamiSafe – This app lets you secretly monitor a device. It alerts you to signs of cyberbullying, suicide, or adult content. And there’s more good features in the app.

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