Top 5 Free Phone Tracker Apps On Google Play

Where’s My Droid – If you’ve lost your phone this app is one of the best. You can make your phone ring and if you can’t hear it or if it’s far away the app will send GPS coordinates with google maps.

Find My Device – This app is one of the most popular tracking apps for your phone, not only does it locate your device but if it’s nearby you can make it ring. If the device isn’t near it will send you its GPS coordinates. Other good features is locking the device with your own message and contact. It has indoor and outdoor maps. You can also encrypt personal data and restore to default factory settings.

mLite Family Phone Tracker – This app is not only a phone tracking app but also a way to communicate with family and friends. It’s an app where you can track the members of your group chat but also chat with each other.
Phone tracker by number – This app is easy to use and straight forward. With this app you can track a phone by number. This app also notifies when your phone changes location and shows the battery percentage of the phone you’re tracking.
Mobile tracker – With this app you can share location with friends and family members and receive their location when you want to. Not only can you track your phone you can also chat with friends and family in the app.

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