Track Your Child With A GPS Phone tracker

The idea of tracking your child, family member or a friend is becoming increasingly popular and we have the technology to do so. There are apps, programs or devices that can show you where your child is at any time.

These are apps that can help you locate your child from your phone.
⦁ Life360
This app is a messaging app that also has a GPS. In this app you can have your whole family in it and communicate through a group chat and has a map to show the location of everyone. It also has a SOS button for emergency and sends a message to everyone in the group.

⦁ Find my Friends
This is another app to locate friends and family members. This GPS app is from Apple and comes standard with their new devices. To use this app both you and the other person need to have the app. This app only shows the location when you request it. It is a simple app for friends and family to use.

⦁ Family Tracker
This app is similar to Life360; it has a messaging system and GPS location from your family or friends. This app also has a system where you can make safe zones, one-time zones and danger zones mad for your child. If they go out of the safe zone the app will alert you.

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