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Loosing your phone happens to everyone at some point. It could be stolen, forgotten at a café, lost somewhere at home, either way you want to find it as fast as possible.

Depending on which phone you have there is a feature that enables you to track your phone and others phones such as friends and family members. And if you do not have that kind of cell phone tracking feature there’s always an app available to track your phone.
To find an iPhone, is through the Apple feature Find my iPhone app. This only works by using another iOS device to find the phone. To use it, log in to iCloud on Find my iPhone, the app is able to locate your device, from there it’s possible to erase your device, play a sound and use lost mode. The missing phone has to be on and connected to internet for the feature to work. If you have an Android phone, the easiest way is to download the app Find my Device through google play store or use it in a browser. It should work similarly to Find my iPhone.

If you have another phone or a phone without this phone tracking feature there are a few steps to try to locate your phone. The first step is to call your phone listen for the vibration or ringtone, if someone has found the phone they are likely to answer and hopefully return it. Even if you try calling your phone and don’t hear anything it could mean the battery is dead, do not assume right away that its stolen. What you can do next if you believe it’s missing is to send a text message with your contact information, be careful to not reveal any personal information.
Lastly is to call your wireless carrier and let them know your phone is lost and it’s worth a try to ask if they offer GPS locating services.
Track a phone now!

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