Who can track my cell phone?

With the latest in technology, cell phones can reveal your exact location. There is the good side to this. That is out of the scope of this article. There is also the bad aspect to it which will form the topic for considerations as far as this article is concerned.
Now to the question: Who can track your phone? Everybody wants some form of privacy; a time when you want to be alone; all alone to yourself. But do you know that some people who are thousands of miles away are tracking your every move? This is not good for that privacy which you legitimately deserved and one which you have longed for.

Get this clear, nobody can track you except you give such the license to do that. Agreed, there are some people who can hack into your privacy to obtained privileged information which they are not entitled to. You can put anyone in whatever category where they belong if you have the will. The following people can track your cell phone:
• Sharing your location
If you share your location with anyone, then you have given that person the license to track you wherever you are provided you are with your mobile device. Such people will use your phone’s location features to easily track you.
• Your details
The details that are referred to here are your phone finder apps; they include the following:
– Apple/Google Id

– Password.
If anyone knows the details mentioned above, then such a person has the capacity to track your phone. They have direct access to appliances that can be used to track your exact location.

• Your photos

When you take photos with your smart phone or the ones that you took with a digital camera; they are is a source to track you. If you share such photos with anyone, with modern day technology, such people can easily track your phone.


If you share your MAC address with someone, then such a person can easily track your cell phone. If you are at a short distance to each other, you can be easily tracked by the use of Wi-Fi. Whenever you turn on your Wi-Fi, your phone sends out a unique MAC address; it can be likened to a blue print for digital devices; through your MAC address which you have shared, your cell phone can be tracked easily. Details bothering on when you enter or leave a building can be known easily.

• PUBLIC Wi-Fi Network

If you are using public Wi-Fi network, you stand a greater risk of been tracked. It is strongly advised that you drop the use of public Wi-Fi Networks to save yourself the hassles of been tracked with reckless abandon.

How do you avoid been tracked

Definitely, you will be happy if you can prevent your phone from being hacked. With some little attention to some very simple details, you can very well achieve this. Get a lock screen security to put intruders at bay. It is as simple as that.


You can technically allow your phone to be tracked; you can also use technical means to stop the mess. The answer to achieve this is in lock screen security.

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