Track a cell phone through address

It is a possibility to track a cell phone through the IP address of such a phone. Though this method of phone tracking is less accurate, it is very common today to find people making use of this method. However, give it to this method; a fair result can be achieved by using this method.
People are falling in love with it because it is less cumbersome. You do not need to download any software to your phone that may lead to problems along the line. So how can you begin the use of the IP address to track your phone? The process is very simple; it involves only six steps; they are very easy steps. Here they are:


Your phone must have an internet connection that is provided by the service provider of your phone. If that is in place, then log on to any search engine of your choice; it can be for example, either Bing or Google; any of these of your choice will be good enough.


Having opened to the search engine of choice; search for the IP finder on the website of the search engine. Many of these IP finders will be displayed; choose any one of them, you have no worry because most of them will give you the desired results.


Alternatively, on some phones, you can locate the IP address without logging on to the internet. One such phones and depending on the model of the phone, you can find such in either of: Settings; Help or Options section of your phone. If you are having problems locating the information, then get hold of the phones manual for guidance.


Next, follow the instructions displayed on the site you have chosen. Jot down the IP address. If your battery runs down at this stage or you deliberately shut down, the IP address will automatically change; this is the case on some mobile phones. So, take note of that.


The next task for you is to search for an IP locating website. Having done that, the next move is to look for real time sites that are updated. This site will show you the current location of the IP that you are interested in. Results obtained vary from one site to the other. The beauty of them all is that they will give you a very close clue as to the location of your phone.


If you have done all that you have been instructed from step one to five, then you are almost done with the method. Type your IP address to your chosen website and a real time update on the location of your phone will be displayed. Alternatively, you can follow the instructions on the website you have chosen to achieve the same result.


The steps above will sure give you desired results if the instructions are followed to the letter. You will sure be able to track your phone through IP address.

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