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It has happened to several people in the past; perhaps, you have also had that nasty experience trying to know without success the identity of your caller. It may be a missed call and you begin to wonder who the caller was. How can you know the identity behind your unknown calls?
The answer to the above is in reverse phone lookups. There are many of such service on the web today. You deserve the best of them and that is the main reason we are presenting some of the very best of these appliances that money can buy today; they are all sites you could trust.
Rave reviews from customers are the reason why this service is recommended. They have been accredited by the Consumer Affairs for providing excellent service at reduced costs. They collate their data from public sources and third party providers. They are known for treating their customers with royalty. They provide three packs of subscription:
Moderate User ($19.62 per month)
Recommended ($44.62 per 3 months)
Power User ($59.62 per 6 months)
It is a crowd sourced reverse phone lookup. It is very reliable and a life changing appliance. The most surprising aspect is the fact that their service is free and they rank almost at par with those that has subscription rates. It is one of the great tracing apps around today. It is one of the best apps that will help in stopping mystery calls and texts.
It is highly reliable when searching for people as well as for business. They have more than 200 million U.S household and businesses all presented at your finger tips. You can find virtually anything on their web. Even for numbers that are hard to identify; it becomes easy with whitepage. It is user friendly.

Livewire Reverse Phone by Instant Checkmate
It will help you find out the identity of all manners of callers. You can even use it to unmask the identity of the callers to your spouse in case you suspect infidelity. It uses both standard and premium reports. The standard report lets you to know:
Arrest and conviction records
DUI arrests
Satellite imagery of property….etc
The premium report makes the following facts available and other official details such:
ID information
Civil judgments
UCC filings
Previously owned phone numbers
The monthly membership cost is $20.
Background Checks – BeenVerified
This also ranks among the reliable apps that you can rely on to unmask the identity of any strange number. It is also a free service. Aside getting the phone numbers, there is other related information that you get through the use of this apps. When you use these apps, then you have the power of public data at your finger tips. It comes with first class technical support; the user interface is excellent.
That is our take on the best apps for reverse phone lookup. None of them will fail your expectations-the free ones inclusive. They all rank among the best for now.

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